Create Your Free Report And Make Money

Money-Making Affiliate Marketing Step 4

Step 4: Create a special report.

If you’ve been to the internet even for a couple of months, you should have noticed the hundreds of websites offering those free reports. The question is why should anybody go spend the time creating those reports and just give them away for free? Why not just sell them and make money right away?

The free report is to be given away in exchange of the names and email addresses of the visitors to your website. The report should be important in the eyes of your website visitors for them to leave their names and email address.

Free reports are used as enticement to persuade people to join a mailing list. Once they are in the mailing list, they will be continually sent messages containing information about your affiliate products.

Consider this, if you do not have an information capture mechanism in your website you are losing the opportunity to sell again and again to these people. Now how much more if these visitors don’t buy at the first visit of your website? They will be gone forever. No assurance if they will come back.

But if you have their names and email addresses, you can develop a relationship with them by sending them the relevant information you have pre-loaded in your autoresponder. And experience tells us that most people don’t buy from people they don’t trust. By having them in your mailing list and communicating with them every now and then you develop trust. See the point?

Now how do you create these free reports?

1. First, is of course the topic. You select a topic that is directly related to the subject matter of your website. Think of the people that you will give your free report. Will they be interested in getting the information contained in your free report?

Choose a broad topic first and then narrow it down to a particular point. Once you have established a topic for your free report, collect information that is related to this topic. No problem here. Google is to the rescue. Filter these results from Google then consolidate the information.

2.The second step in writing your free report is the outline. The outline organizes the report and gives you form. Since you need to write your report quickly (Man, you need to write many reports if you plan to make big bucks), limit your outline to three main points. Now that you have your consolidated information and outline, type these into a five to seven page report.

Well, if the above is plenty of work for you, try this second way of creating your report:

PLR or Private Label Rights. PLR will take the burden out from you. Open those PLR eBooks sitting in your hard drive and start tinkering with them. If you don’t have PLR eBooks and articles, why not become a member in one of these sites offering PLR information. Becoming a member of these sites in not expensive and they give you access to tons of PLR materials that are ready to use,

But remember you still need to rewrite these PLR articles and eBooks. The good thing is that the information in these materials are pretty organized. If rewriting the material is still a challenge for you, then why not use a software that will rewrite the materials? There are some available already.

When rewriting PLR materials, always check the accuracy of the materials, facts, figures, go double check them, some might be outdated. Also take note of the terms and conditions stated in the PLR materials. Some might require a full rewrite. In these cases, just take the ideas and fashion them into your own style.

If you are still burdened by writing the report yourself even with using PLR materials, then hire somebody to write them for you. Get a good ghostwriter. Provide him with the topic and the items you would want to be included in the report. Again, you can go to,, or anybody capable of writing reports well.

The ghostwriter is doing the work for you. After paying him, the report belongs to you. You can put your name in it as the author.

Now that you have the report, format it or convert it into a PDF document. If you don’t have the expensive Adobe software, download a free PDF maker at

Formatting it to a PDF document would insure that it won’t be tampered or edited easily. Microsoft Word documents are easier to edit even if it is password protected. PDF’s, however, are a step higher. So make sure your report is formatted in such a way.

Do You Know This Site Which Drove Hundreds Of Visitors To My Blog?

As a watchful internet marketer, I am blown away by the dramatic changes in the internet that are taking place right before our eyes. I’m talking in particular about traffic generation.

It’s not the traffic generation as we know it anymore. Two years ago, I built a website about a popular niche. After a week, I viewed my stats and was saddened to see only a handful of visitors. But today, I can build a website and in less than an hour attract dozens and dozens of visitors. No, it does not cost you anything. The traffic is free.

Web 2.0 – they call it. The talk about Web 2.0 has flooded the internet recently. You can go to and search about this O’Reilly invented term.

One of these Web 2.0 sites which gave me hundreds of visitors is Now go to mybloglog and get and account. It’s free. Once signed up they will give you a code to paste to your blog.

Ok? How does this site give me traffic? And tons of traffic?

Did you notice those tiny little pictures on the right side of this blog? They’re called avatars. Did you remember that mybloglog requested to upload your picture when you signed up?

The picture you uploaded will appear in every blog that you will visit. Most avatars are pictures of the blog owners. A few avatars are plain cartoon characters and some are simple graphics creations -some funny and some yucky!


The pictures appearing in the avatar grid have links to the site of the owners. Try clicking one of those and you’ll get transported to their mybloglog site. Do you know where I’m heading?

Every time you visit a blog which has a mybloglog avatar grid, your picture gets posted. And imagine if that blog gets thousands of visitors – there is a potential to get an enormous amount of traffic surging to your site when they click your avatar!

And what if everyday you browse hundreds of blogs with avatar grids? See the potential of mybloglog ?

Now here’s a great tip to get more people clicking your avatar: Make your avatar a stand-out! If there are 20 or 30 pictures out there, would your picture be picked out?

Make your avatar tempting. It could be cute baby, a hilarious picture, your pet dragon or whatever you think that would distinguish yourself among the crowd. But please no porn.

Now get moving! Sign-up with and be ready with the traffic stampede.

4 Easy Steps To Get Your Brand New Site Indexed By Google In 4 days.

Like it or not Google is THE search engine. Don’t think of optimizing your site for Yahoo or MSN anymore. (I wonder what strategies Jerry Yang and the MSN guys are doing to stop their slide to ignominy.

According to Hitwise (, Google’s share of the market is now 64%, with Yahoo 22% and MSN at 9%. The rest is shared by the dozens of other search engines.

So, that makes Google your search engine of choice if you want your site to be seen, get visitors and make money online. I catch 82% of my search traffic from Google and only 9% from Yahoo and 3% from MSN (3 of my 5 sites get page 1 from MSN).

So how do you get your website into the Google search engine quickly? These are the steps I follow when I’m launching a new niche site:

Opps… Don’t… Don’t…Don’t submit your site to Google Add URL ( Yes, you can also get your site indexed by using that service but you have to wait for 2 or 3 months. We’re talking here of 4 days.

1. Make a sitemap of your site. A sitemap is a file with an XML extension. It lists the links of your pages in your website. To create a sitemap, go to Yes it’s free! Download the sitemap to your PC then upload it to your site’s root directory.

2. Submit the sitemap to Google and have it verified. Go to and log in using your Google account. If you don’t have an account, get one, it’s free. Type the full URL in the “Add Site” box and click OK. Click the “Add Sitemap” link. Select “Add General Web Sitemap” in the dropdown box. Add the full URL of your site in the box provided. Click “Add Web Sitemap” button and there you are, you have added a sitemap.

In the same Google page . Have your site verified.

make money

3. Add your website URL to your Google personalized homepage. Go to and add the URL of your website. You should notice the following images appear on your screen:

make money from home
make money from home

4. Submit your website to the big web 2.0 content sites.,,, are some of the major players in the user defined content sites we call web 2.0. If you have a blog, is great place to start. Well, is already included in pingoat’s submission. The traffic of these sites is astonishing and Google spiders crawl these sites continuously.

There you are, only 4 easy steps and you’re into Google’s index. Remember though that this technique will only tell the search engine that your website exists. Getting to page 1 or 2 of the search results is a different thing. We would need another blog post at to accomodate the techniques I use to get to page 1 of some of my sites in the search results.

Oh, by the way, after 3 days go back to Google and check, there are reports of sites being indexed in just 3 days by following the techniques I mentioned.

Make Money Online? – Know First The 4 Sources Of Traffic

Think about this for a second… If you are not making a lot of money online, most likely it is because you can’t get enough traffic coming to your website, right?

The equation is simple: “traffic + conversion = money”

No traffic = No Visitors = No Sales

No traffic = No List = No Money

Yes, Traffic is the holy grail of internet marketing. Without traffic, your dream of making money from home and becoming an internet millionaire remains to be just a dream.

So how do you drive traffic? How do you send visitors to your website?

First, let’s examine what are the kinds of traffic. Boy! We’re dealing with hard core strategies so let’s go beyond the usual tips like write articles, PPC or SEO. We’ll talk about that later. Let’s examine first what are these traffic sources.

There are only four (4) sources of traffic:
1. Create the traffic
2. Buy the traffic
3. Borrow
4. Referral traffic

1. Create the traffic. “Build it and they will come” In the early days of the internet, this phrase is a recipe for failure. But today, the phrase is your ticket to success. Build a website targeted to your chosen market and they will come.

Use words, keywords that your chosen market are using and the search engines will guide them to you. Build good content and Google will help you.

Learn SEO techniques. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Study what Google wants. Well, whether you like it or not, Google is THE search engine. Personally, I don’t optimize for Yahoo and MSN anymore, I just target Google. The latest figures show that it has already captured almost 60% of the search market with Yahoo a far second and MSN a dismal third.

2. Buy the traffic. The words associated with this traffic source are adwords, PPC or Pay-Per-Click, advertising, etc.

Adwords is Google’s great advertising program where you can have an opportunity to have your site seen by prospects instantly. My! Have you tried it? Sign up and give it a try. You’ll be floored to see how fast your ad gets in place.

3. Borrow the traffic. This is where the power of your networking comes to play. Basically you just have to contact a partner who has a huge list of subscribers and ask him if he could announce your product to the list. Others call this Joint Venture.

4. Referral Traffic. Wow! You are a celebrity and hundreds of people are linking back to your site and promoting you. With the advent of Web 2.0 the job gets easier. Digg, Mybloglog, Technorati, Blipoo, Myspace, Squidoo are some of the sites to consider.

The beauty of the Web 2.0 as a traffic source is that it is instant. Not like SEO or article marketing which needs weeks to get visitors flowing to your site, Web 2.0 traffic is on the spot. Unlike PPC, referral traffic is free.

As a strategist, you have to understand these four traffic sources as these four have also different monetization strategies. Come back to this site and you’ll learn some strategies to make money online. (Tip: Do you know that visitors coming from the search engines are the ones that would most likely click your adsense ads? Yes. And Web 2.0 traffic are the least likely to click the ads.)

Write A Quick 10 Page Report And Earn $1000

Do you dread of writing your own ebook? Why not write small reports that you can easily turn into quick money machines?

Yes, we know that making our own product is one of the top ways to make money online but we never really come to start doing it because of the massive volume of work we imagine.

You can easily get sidetracked when you start to write your own ebook but you can quickly write a small report. You don’t have to invest a lot of time in writing your small reports and start to make money from home.

A small report, about 10-15 pages long could easily sell for $7-$10. How about making 2 reports per month? Is that hard work for you? If you could sell just 50 copies of a $10 report and you turn out 2 reports every month, that’s $1,000.00 per month!

Another good thing with these small reports is that they can easily be sold as buyers would not even think deep in deciding to buy a $7 or $10 product. The conversion rates of these hot in-demand products run from 5-8%.

When you have written 5-7 of these related small reports, you can then bind or packaged them together, edit, update, then turn it into an ebook which you can also sell for an even higher price.

You must always remember though that the reports you are going to make should be in-demand. You can start from these places when you look for hot in-demand topics:

1. Google. The mother of searches. Pay closer attention to those listed on the first page and the ads listed on the right.

2. Clickbank Marketplace. Look for products that are in the top 5 positions in each category. These products would not be selling well if they are not hot. You’ll get plenty of ideas here for the small reports you are going to make.

3. Amazon. This online bookstore is one place where you could find some really hot topics. In Amazon’s search box, type the category you would want to search, say weight loss. The results would reveal some of the best selling books on that subject. You can get an idea of what sells wildly.

4. Forums. Try going to and see what topics are burning hot, what questions have been repeated, what problems are exposed.

5. Article directories. You can try browsing some articles at and Look closely to the “most viewed” articles as they are good indicators of popular subjects.

How To Be First In Google And Profit From The Searches

Here’s one tip on how to be first in Google search results. If you can duplicate this practice,  tons of your pages will, most likely, get to the top of Google.

It is common understanding among search engine experts that what Google wants now is a website that is not only relevant to the search but also focused on answering specific needs of the searcher.

A friendly website they say.

But what is a friendly website? Some answers may come to your mind like; easy to navigate or move around. (Yeah, it’s quite frustrating when there are too many links in the page, too many columns and most of all too many ads)

A friendly website also has focused and specific information on a specific question that the searcher is looking for. Say, “is krill oil good for the heart?” and not a discussion of the different kinds of oils.

What specific fruits have a high glycemic index and may not be eaten by persons suffering diabetes? If your website happens to answer to these specific type of questions, then Google love is not far behind.

Well, I only had a few links to my pages adwords techniques and profitable markets but they are some of my most visited pages in this blog. Why? Because they answer specific needs of the searchers.

To be first in Google search results means that your site is fixed on providing solutions to people’s needs and problems.

That is why the regurgitated articles at got slapped. Many of these articles came from what we call the article milling machine.

Okay? So, how to be first in Google requires that you always keep in mind that what Google wants is a site that is easy to navigate and focused on answering specific needs.